Date as Numbered List

Every number followed by an point is recognized as numbered list.
How can i mask the point when entering a date as e.g. 20. October?

It should only be recognising it as a list if there is a space after the dot.

So 20.10.22 shouldn't be recognised as a list item nor should 20.October.2022

Yes, thats right. But the correct spelling is with space after the dot.
With Zettler you can mask the dot with a \ after it.

20.\ October is rendered as 20. October. But thist does not work with Joplin.

Try 20\. October

You can escape the dot with a backslash to stop it being recognised as a list (you need to escape before the dot, not after).

1. word
2. word
3\. word

Edit - Didn't see @roman_r_m's reply when I typed that but it is worth understanding escaping in general if you don't want markdown behaviour for special tags.
e.g. typing **bold** gives you bold but you could also escape by putting the backslash before the symbol **bold** (\*\*bold\*\*)

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Thanks a lot! This really helps me.

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