Data loss

I updated a note in Joplin on Windows and it synced to my NAS using WebDAV. Later I viewed the note on my iPad after syncing and it didn’t have the new text. I viewed the note on my Android phone after syncing and it showed the text as I’d entered it on Windows. I tried several more syncs on the iPad but it wouldn’t update the note. After taking a copy of the note on Android I made changes on the iPad version and it synced. After syncing, the Android version showed the text from the iPad; the text originally entered into the note on Windows was lost.

I don’t know whether it’s significant, but the number of notes shown in Status on iPad and Android differ- the Android figure is lower.

This is very worrying. Up until now I’ve been able to rely on Joplin as a robust note-taking application. What could have gone wrong this time, and is it likely to happen again?

It’s hard to tell. Do you have any error in the log on the iPad app?

No error that I can see. It seems the iPad couldn’t detect that the note has been changed but the Android could.