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CSS Theme - Ohmine Dark Theme

OhmineDT has been released almost a month but didn't create an individual post. So, I'm now creating one here and collect some of your feedback about this theme. And I will no longer post any updates on Share your CSS - Lounge - Joplin Forum, all latest releases will only post in here.

OhmineDT is an External CSS theme designed to treat your eyes better.(Github Repository)

As a person who loves to use Joplin, Joplin is the app that I use for at least 6 hours a day. I would say:

  • When you find you are prone to blurred vision, please at least choose to use the dark mode.
  • If you want to stay focus for a long time on your markdown notes every single day, please better choose to use OhmineDT.

Let me know if you have any ideas, requests, questions, or complaints about this theme. I'll never reject improving this theme cause I'm one of the users like you.


Hi @Nacandev

Is there any chance that the theme will be rendered in the PDF export? Any tips for that?

Sure, you can just right click your note on the note list panel and then export PDF. I've already attached a printing sample on my Github page.

PDF sample:

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