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Copy/paste from outline to outline breaks it


I'm new here, but after searching a bit on the forum and on Google I didn't see this come up. I'm using Windows 10 with most recent system update. I'm not sure how to see my Joplin version number, but I only downloaded the app 1-2 weeks ago so I'm guessing it's the most recent. I don't have any extra plugins I'm aware of because I don't quite understand how that works.

I work a lot in outline formats. If I try to cut/copy one section of an outline and paste to a different section of an existing outline, then the first line ends up with two bullet points. I can't eliminate either of them after that. Super irritating. I could ignore it if it was only an aesthetic problem, but I'm also unable to change the indentation location with tab OR even delete that bullet point with backspace at all. I can edit the text just fine, but that new bullet is completely unalterable and it feels like it's trying to be an outline within an outline for that first line only.

Some downstream bullets become non-outlined "dash" characters and some retain an outline format--but these are editable and can move by tab indents.

Has anyone else run into this?


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