Color Indicators in Markdown-Editor are gone

Dear Community,

my question may seem a little dumb but I cannot figure out, why the color indicators within the Markdown-editor are gone all of a sudden. Everything is written in black and I didn't change any settings (on purpose).
I attached a picture, in case my description of the problem is unclear...

Can anyone help?

  • version: Joplin 2.2.6 (prod, darwin)

Client-ID: 78832704148c45b696618d967ffe03be
Sync-Version: 2
Profil-Version: 39
Unterstützter Schlüsselbund: Ja

Revision: 60aca7b

  • operating system: macOS Big Sur

This was a change in Version 2.2.2

  • Improved: Make Markdown editor styling closer to view styling (#5174)

Thank you for the quick clarification!

I observed the same thing in 2.2.6, no more colors in the markdown editor :frowning:

I liked the markdown editor colors in 2.1 and before, I think they made it a lot easier to visually parse the markdown in the absence of real markdown rendering.

Is there a way to get the colors back? Maybe some custom styles in userchrome.css? Where can I find the styles that were used in 2.1? I'd like to copy them back into my setup.

I got them back by adding:


to css.

Mine were lost when I upgraded to 2.2.6. I see 2.2.7 now out. I would upgrade first.

I'm a new user so I added userchrome .css file

.title-input {
	color: yellow !important; 

.cm-header-1 {
	color: salmon !important;
.cm-header-2 {
	color: lime !important;

.cm-header-3 {
	color: orange !important;

.cm-hr {
	color: salmon !important;

Originally had !important on title but then had to add it to the rest.


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Thanks but do you also have the styles for the indented bullet points?

Not off hand and I am not near a computer to work it out.

I kept the css simple at this stage.


I've added some css to the customization wiki it should restore the previous colours for the light theme. Enjoy!


So sad to hear that. Actually, "markdown code" is "code".

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I don't see why markdown code being code can't have any coloring to different bullet points etc. When creating different indentations for instance


These bullet points, do not change in joplin, there is no way to identify when you are 50-100 lines down, that you are aligning with 3rd or 4th bullet point without going all the way back to the start of the line and then indenting again afterwards.

I utilized the colors to help me maintain my organizational structure. This is ESPECIALLY so when editing documents on my phone.

I was intentionally skipping updates because I noticed the update took away the color, then the phone auto updates ofc, forces my server to update, then all of my clients are forced to update to sync unfortunately.

I see this as something that should be an option as I imagine a vast majority of users have gotten used to this being the default behavior for such a period of time. I find it strikingly odd that there isn't a tickbox to reimplement the colors somewhere or an easy option to get those colors back. This was a hell of a reason I started using joplin and have greatly appreciated this application. This certainly isn't a big enough change for me to stop using joplin, but it is a big enough change to greatly dissapoint me that it's been stripped out with no option of reverting when it's nothing but a CSS file.

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Closing in favour of the other thread, since we don't need two rant threads.