Code linting using tags

My idea is for a plugin to use tags to set the code language for an entire note. So for example if a note was only some php code, then you could give it the tag php instead of starting the note with ```php. Kind of like you would set the language for a file in Notepad++.

The advantage to this is that you could quickly select all for a note that was a code snippet that you wanted to used somewhere, without having to make sure you were skipping the ```php at the beginning of the note.

[EDIT: sorry if linting is the wrong word. If there is a better term I'm happy to change the subject.]

This seems to fit quite nicely with the current discussion of storing additional note metadata as this could then be sync'd over different devices. So rather than using tags the plugin itself could add a control to enter the language which would be stored in this potential new metadata area.

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