Clipper for Vivaldi


how did You all get Clipper on Vivaldi ?
Chrome-store shows the addon, but no install-button.

Many thanks in advance

I haven't tried too much, but the vivaldi browser can indeed install plugins. If it doesn't work, you can check if all the plugins can't be installed.

@ rxliuli, thanks for Your very fast reply.

Yes, I have already plugins installed.
Also I get a screen like You showed above, but without checking-button.
I'm right, that I've not to checkin with a google-account ?

Hi again,

You supposed right, I just tried any other plugin, it's the same.
So the problem is on vivaldi side.

Thanks, Kai

The extension works fine for me on Vivaldi. Do you mean you have no button to install it on the Chrome store?

Hi laurrent,

yes indeed.
Tried on Opera - no problem, don't know what illness Vivaldi has.



problem solved:
Vivaldi - Settings - Privacy - Google Extensions: Mark "Web Store"...

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