Cleaned up JoplinLetter.svg

Not too familiar with pull requests, or if one really would be viable for this type of minor change so I’ll just leave a note of it here instead hoping I could contribute in any way I can.

Full rework of the JoplinLetter SVG.

  • Stripped from junk metadata (feel free to add what may be essential).
  • Removed all unnecessary fixed properties, except for the viewBox property.
  • Optimized vector data down to 149 chars from previous 1391.
  • True pixel perfect scaling to container (no odd vectors or decimals).
    • Width and height can be added for any specific size. Aspect ratio is 0.88:1 (30:34) but this shouldn’t matter on any platform.

Not a true carbon copy of original letter, but as close as I could.

<svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 150 170">
  <path d="M70 22V0h80v22h-6c-14 0-14 0-14 10v88c0 30-26 50-66 50S0 140 0 118c0-16 8-26 24-26 14 0 20 10 20 20v6c0 18 8 24 24 24s22-12 22-25V32c0-10 0-10-14-10z"/>


Thanks for this, but if I’m not mistaken the SVG comes from ForkAwesome so that’s where it should be updated. Also, there’s a plan to change the Joplin logo eventually, so when it’s done we can look at that time how to optimise the SVG.

Ok, the svg I’m referring to is the one at GitHub: joplin/ Assets /