Change temporary sync files to a re-used state file

Currently, Joplin creates two types of temporary file in the remote sync destination when performing sync.:

  1. locks/sync_desktop_uniqueid.json
  2. temp/timeCheck12345.txt

For any sync destination that supports retention of deleted files(which I think is most of them), this results in a trashbin that is just full of these files, and can make it very difficult to find anything else in the deleted items, as 99% of the box is just temp files from Joplin.

Would it be possible to either, switch to a state file that contains the same data that these other files need, and simply read/write to that state file, instead of repeatedly creating and deleting files, or to, at least, re-use the two files, overwriting them, instead of deleting them?

As an example, I am using OwnCloud as the destination, and my Deleted files folder is almost exclusively hundreds of temp sync files from Joplin. FYI, I also tried to convince OwnCloud to skip these files, but haven't been able to. Even though there are two config files that can tell it to skip(one looking at directories, and the other looking at extension) I haven't been able to get either of these to work. Even if those did work, they would be non-ideal as requiring a server side config of a sync destination that explicitly points to directories to skip. And even if used the extension skip option, the extensions here are (txt, and json) which, truth be told, I would like to have those go to my undelete folder, as they are used by tons of other files that I might want to recover.

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