Certificate for webdav synchronization in Android


I am trying to setup a apache webdav sync for synchronization with my android device. I can see a lot of users having this problem of being unable to create a valid certificate for SSL enabled communication with the webdav server, because android requires a valid certificate for the connection to be established with a server.

In my case I have a pc(ubuntu 18.04 LTE) which runs an apache server establishing connection with a mobile device over a router. Since I don’t have a domain name and android does not consider a self signed certificate as a valid one so I cant use Let’s Encrypt or openSSL to acquire a valid certificate and establish a connection with my mobile device and my pc for synchronization.

If there is someone here who has managed to synchronize joplin with mobile device with the help of webdav server, please suggest me the way to do it. I have been trying to sync with my mobile device and could not find a way around this roadblock. Thanks for your suggestion in advance.

Disclaimer: I’m using Nextcloud, not WebDAV but I assume this will work for WebDAV as well.

I use CAcert server certificates. I needed to add the CAcert root certificates once to the Android key store (on my Samsung phone that is Settings > Biometrics and security > Other security settings > Install from device storage).

This is not working. I am not able to create any certificate.

You could use https://duckdns.org to create a personal domain like mywebdav.duckdns.org and create LE certificates for that.

If this your apache is running on your internal network just don’t use TLS at all.