Bufferpointer jumps when changing views

I am on Windows 10 with version 1.0.195 and I am very much enjoying Joplin. It is exactly what I need and much better than all solutions I tried before. Every update is great, bringing more small transparant improvements without featuritis.

However one small annoyance keeps hindering me in daily use when editing large notes. First it is still difficult to jump to a word in a note and edit. Ctrl-F-Search splits up the screen, which I would like it not to do. And switching from edit to view looses my pointer in the buffer. Sometimes I get bumped to the end of the file or must scroll some pages to find where I was. Switching to and fro is really difficult. Could the program not set the pointer to the character left-top of the screen and remain on that character when switching?

My work-around is editing every note in Typora, using search to jump in the file and with having automatic save, returning to Joplin always in view mode. It is not a bad solution but for small edits I really would just rather use Joplin.

anyone else having same small annoyance?

Lourens (=Dutch for Laurent)