It would be great to have something like binders that can be opened, synced, and edited independently. Right now, we see the whole collection of notebooks, and as the collection grows, it becomes more difficult to manage. Think of something like MS OneNote where what they call notebooks can be opened and synced independently of each other. For example, I would have a binder called WORK and use it mostly at work, but also on mobile. Then I would have another binder, e.g., HOBBIES that I keep open at home, but also on mobile. And, if needed, I could open any of these anywhere, but have the flexibility to decide which one(s). This would reduce the sync effort a great deal, because only open binder is synced. Of course, if needed, notebooks and notes could be copied and/or moved between the binders. Furthermore, different binders could have different encryption keys.


This is exactly what I’m looking for. To break away from OneNote completely is difficult for this very reason. Otherwise, in need a separate Joplin installation on a different PC syncing to a different host (create a second Dropbox account also?).

Independent Notebooks is what I was thinking, Binders is a much better term. Much like this…