Better understand the data model - what are notes_fts and notes_normalized for

Hello everybody,

I am using Joplin now for more than 1 year and I love it.

Now I have for various reasons 6 versions of Joplin Databases on different devices and I would like to consolidate them - before I do so I would like to better understand what the tables in database.sqlite for - I was not able to find a documentation regarding the tables, maybe I searched for in the wrong places.

The question is, what are the tables notes_fts* and notes_normalized* for and are the contents of those tables "essential" to be kept or does joplin derive these tables from the table "notes" if the tables notes_fts* and notes_normalized are empty?

Many thanks for each helpful info!

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I'm looking for the database schema as well, assuming we both meant the same thing. I want to integrate my apps with Joplin.

You should use the data API for this rather than accessing the database directly.