Better error message for "insufficient space" upon syncing

It took me a little while to notice this error message when my syncing stopped working:


It’d be great to make this much more visible (but also dismissible). For starters, it could just be rendered more nicely and with better contrast in its current location. Long-term, it’d be great for it to be a modal popup or something that really jumps out to you, though afaik that’s not a design pattern in the app right now so it’d be more work to determine what’s appropriate there.

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Yes, I’ve been meaning to do something similar (nice error message) when Nextcloud is in maintenance mode. I just haven’t come around to it yet.

The problem with that is that these are no standardized error messages. Providers can return whatever they want - and they do…

We have these yellow warning boxes that are used for resource download issues or missing master key passwords, so maybe the same could be used for these sync errors.

Or indeed we could simply make the existing message more visible when there’s an error. Perhaps by adding a red border or similar.

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It might be a Good first issue to just make error messages in general (not just the “insufficient space” one) more visible and nicer looking.