Basic sequence to setup multiple encrypted device sync to WebDav


I've been experimenting with Joplin over the past few weeks. My desired configuration is to sync a Macbook and Android phone to the same WebDav location.

I have been able to sync both devices to the same WebDav location. However, no notes created on the Macbook were synced to the Android phone and vice versa.

I'm starting again from scratch and have configured my Macbook to sync to the desired WebDav location. I've also enabled encryption.

I'm not clear how to setup encrypted sync to the Android device now.

What would be really helpful is to understand the sequence to set this up, e.g. -

1 - Sync Macbook to WebDav location
2 - Enable encryption on Macbook
3 - Sync Android to WebDav location
4 - Enable encryption on Android

Is this the correct sequence? I think what's throwing me off here is the encryption and key management piece.

Thank you!

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