Automatized unencrypted local backup

Hello there,
i was wondering if is there any way to take automatized unencrypted local backup into some directory in linux, preferred debian. hopefully.
im using the portable .appimage of the application in debian linux.
i have succeed to accomplish the encrypted synchronization to the cloud already
im using it for the personal use since 1 week,

if even is there any script that i could use under the terminal, that could even work fine for me generally.

i found this script in the forum search from 2018


0 0 10,15/12 * * /home/laurent/scripts/ >> /var/log/joplin_bak.log 2>&1




$JOPLIN_BIN e2ee decrypt


rm -f *.md

rm -f resources/*

$JOPLIN_BIN --log-level debug export --format raw "$BACKUP_DIR"

git add .

git commit -m "Update"


maybe the structure has been changed of the application so
the problem is that
** i couldnt be any able to find .npm-global/bin/joplin under any directory.**

otherwise i could externally automatize with a scheduled task under the system periodically to run the script

so if there will be any useful reply about this one i'll be thankful :slight_smile:

If you search the plugins for 'simple backup' then that should suit your needs. It backs up the config folder as well as making a JEX export with all kinds of settings to tweak.

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thank you your reply is very useful
yes i've done with it

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