Automatically deploy a Joplin client including settings

I'm currently at automating my workstation installation process with Ansible.
Installing the Joplin AppImage to $PATH wasn't a big problem.
But I'd also like to deploy my personal settings (especially the sync config).

Is there a way to do that? Maybe a folder or config file that I could put into place?

I found the $HOME/.config/joplin-desktop folder, but copying to a new machine didn't really restore any settings or content. Am I missing something?

That profile should be an entire configuration in that it contains the database that holds all your note data, your settings file and your resource directory.

If placing that profile in the correct place isn't working then that implies Joplin is looking somewhere else for its profile - Help > Open Profile Directory will show you where.

On a related note there was an idea for clients settings sync to be added as part of this year's GSoC projects but it ended up not getting selected so it might still appear at some point.


Hi Cherry

I currently do something similar with my machines and Joplin, it does work.

I use syncthing, which is set up via ansible, to synchronize everything in my $HOME/.config/joplin-desktop directory across my machines.
Several things in here don't get synchronized such as notebook content. This is my list of patterns for files to ignore from the Joplin sync:


Examples of things I want sync'd:

  • settings.json - which is where sync configuration is stored
  • keymap-desktop.json - which is where custom hotkeys are stored
  • plugins
  • Templates

This has been nice for changing my configurations or plugins on one machine and having them propagate naturally around to my other machines. The only downside is I have to set up the Joplin sync directory manually for now as I haven't figured out how to ansible-ify my syncthing config. I suppose that's the next improvement

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