Anyone See OwnCube's Nextcloud Deals this month

I’ve never used or heard of this company but they are offering a 1TB lifetime upgrade for 69 euros which converts to somewhere around $75 USD plus possible conversion fees. Then, it’s just 5 Euros ($7 usd) a month to keep your account active. That’s a great deal for someone like me who probably will never fully fill that space up.

Eh. Seedbox Co offers that with their lowest tier for €10 a month and you get remote torrenting and an Ubuntu instance out of it.

I don’t exactly know what that is and if it supports Nextcloud. A lot of the reason users are shifting to Nextcloud is due to its open source nature and how it’s not expected to go away anytime soon.

I did see that Openseed offered Webdav but many users may be turned away by the torrenting and other offerings that could be viewed as shady, despite none of them being inherently bad in their own rights.