Android version config file

Android version config file

where is it being stored?

my joplin: 2.1.4
my android: 11

Something like /data/user/0/net.cozic.joplin
Although it may be different on different devices and OS versions.

For my android, I can only have access to the folder:

and under this folder, there is nothing having the name "net.cozic.joplin"

I am not sure, it seems that configuration file of Joplin is stored in a folder that is not accessible by a normal user ?

Yes, unless your phone is rooted you cannot access the data. But why do you need to access it?

I would like sync the userstyle.css from desktop to android, so that the css style of Android match that of the desktop version

User style doesn't work on mobile at the moment.

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