Android: Utilize the bottom space of the configuration component

As you can see below in the GIF, we can save the configurations using a small button at top but we can utilize the bottom of the configurations component for saving the configurations. I’ve also added a mockup below, for sure changes can be done. Please suggest. It would empower a better UX.





I don’t think it will be a good idea. For those who are using Joplin for a long time, now has a habit of changing the setting and saving from the top. And also everywhere else we use back button to go back, so now changing the navigation pattern won’t add much to those users, instead it will be irritating for them.
This can be a good idea if we implement it a new app, but not to a very old app with so many users.

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I agree here. The mobile interface may be a bit clunky and underused, but the save feature isn’t the issue there. It’s fine where it’s at.


Sure i felt it at the start though…

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