Android: Issues in exporting profile

There are multiple issues related to Export Profile feature I would like to discuss here.

  • Check this snapshot of config screen for the reference.

  • First of all the Path: text is rendered vertical instead of Horizontal which looks off a bit.

  • To change export path we need to type the path manually which is not convenient. It should open a dialog to choose a folder just like the dialog opens on clicking the attach file option.

  • Now on pressing OK button, If you didn’t have granted storage permission it will show this ALERT dialog:

    This dialog doesn’t make sense, How we can understand it’s a permission issue? It should directly ask for the permission like asking for camera permission while taking a photo as a note attachment.

  • I know there’s already mentioned about the permission in More information section below the button but redirecting a user to phone settings to grant such basic permissions is really not a good idea. I didn’t have seen any apps referring to phone settings for the permissions which we can easily take by prompting permission dialog using Run Time Android Permission

  • If you have granted a permission then it shows a different error which is already reported on GitHub so I’m not discussing it here.

Please give your thoughts on the above points…your inputs would be appreciated.

@laurent any thoughts?

I can’t reproduce that. But I’m using 1.0.316 and I won’t upgrade for at least several months.

This was discussed several times on the forum.

I agree, but I remember there was a problem with react-native that didn’t trigger the permission request.

We don’t set any permissions in the config screen. This is only info why permissions are needed. That’s all.