Android app no longer synchronizes with dropbox

Version 2.8.1 running on android oreo.
Yesterday dropbox was down for a while. At the time i didn't know and tried syncing. It didn't give any error, it just said "Cancel" with the arrows icon spinning forever. Cancelling didn't work, it also just said "cancelling.." and never gave an error or time out.
Dropbox has been up for a while but the app is still doing the same thing.
At first i wanted to re-enter my credentials but there is no way to do that on the app itself. If i change the server from dropbox to none and back to dropbox, it will use the old credentials.
I had to go the dropbox settings and remove Joplin from the allowed apps.
Already re-entered my credentials but the app is still behaving the same way.. it just says "Cancel" while the arrows spin and stays like that forever.
The windows app is syncing to the same account and has no problems.

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