Android APK size more-than-doubled between v2.11.2 and v2.11.3

It looks like the Android APK size roughly tripled between the v2.11.2 pre-release (27.4 MB) and the v2.11.3 pre-release (79.8 MB).

This is the commit associated with Android v2.11.2. I don't see a commit associated with v2.11.3.

Edit: It's possible v2.11.3 was built with VOSK. Version 2.11.14 (without VOSK) has size 67.7 MB.

Looking at the APK in Android Studio, it looks like model-fr-fr is being included in both joplin-v2.11.14.apk and joplin-v2.11.14-vosk.apk:

This looks like a bug. I've opened a GitHub issue.

Yes thank you, I'm aware of this and plan to remove that data

By the way this is fixed, and the main APK is back at 40 MB.

I think the APK at 27 MB was a bug somehow, it was actually the 32-bit version, which we no longer support and it was incorrectly deployed as the 64-bit one. Now we only have a 64-bit version (+ the Vosk one) which is 40 MB. I'm not sure why it's about 13 MB more than the 32-bit one though.

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