An option in the settings to display the first n characters from the body instead of the title

Hi everybody. Is it possible to add an option to the settings. So that in the note list, instead of the name of the note, it shows the first n characters from the body?
Because an unpleasant situation may arise, as shown in the image:

Because of this, it becomes difficult to navigate among the notes, or look for notes. Or instead, make it so that instead of "Untitled" the first n characters from the body are shown. What ideas do you have in this regard?

P.S: my English is bad, so I used a translator

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I don't think there is much desire for such a feature although a similar feature (including the first line or few lines of text from the note body underneath the title is a popular feature request).

Why do you have so many notes as untitled? You might be able to use the data API to help you out here to set the note title to the first x characters of the note body.

I'm new to this community. And exported notes from another application, where the title is not required, and if it is not there, then the body is shown. There are more than 1000 such notes, which is a bit of a problem

"including the first line or few lines of text from the note body underneath the title is a popular feature request" - that would be nice and solved the problem.

Didn't you literally write the python script to import the zoho html? Couldn't you just use that to set the title field programatically rather than pulling it from a field which apparently is null in your case?

Yes, I can specify this in the script, but there is no desire to delete and upload notes because I have already updated them, moved and corrected them (there are more than 1000 notes). Therefore, I unsubscribed here, since notes tend to change, and there is no desire to perform these actions again, instead such a function would be convenient.

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I think you need to use the data API then, it should be relatively easy (in theory?) to loop through your notes then for anything with a null or "untitled" title you can set it to the first x chrs of the note body.

Otherwise you might be looking a trying to do the same directly in the database but I'm not sure if changes to the note title there would cause the changes to be sync'd as it wasn't done by Joplin itself (also you might break something else, not sure what exactly, writing directly to the database isn't really something that is supported for obvious reasons.)

I hope a similar feature will be added someday

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It's really strange to me how obtuse the responses are to very reasonable requests like this. Reality is no one is born into Joplin or any notes app as their very first app. Everyone's coming from somewhere else. And if you want them to feel welcome, don't tell them they should learn to code json, make plugins, or jump through other insane hoops. It's up to the developer to accommodate people coming in - and out - of the app, without friction. Personally, I just jumped through hoops, installing python and ruby - as a non-coder - to export Simplenote to Joplin, but after having this same problem and reading some of the posts on this forum, it's been a real turnoff. I don't feel confident this app is built for real people with real use cases, nor that it would be easy to leave and take your notes elsewhere. In going back to Simplenote and Keep for images. It's not a great system, but they've never made me download python, either.

This absolutely wouldn't be something I or anyone else would recommend but this person had literally written a python script to deal with notes importing so that absolutely coloured my response to them, I wouldn't just recommend that to some random person...

The fact is that it isn't a common request or there would have been some kind of previous answer to link to or more concrete advice to give - in this case the problem is with the source data. "Untitled" has been seen in Evernote imports too where Evernote literally sets the title field to the string of "Untitled".

Well the userbase and popularity of the application probably disagrees with you here. And things have been made as easy as possible to make your notes portable for other places, there are a number of different export formats that try to maintain the entire structure of your notes along with all the extra metadata that Joplin stores.

Unfortunately there really isn't a single markdown based note taking "spec" for people to follow in regards to imports and exports and it isn't reasonable for every single app to support the import and export format of every single other app - there will always be some kind of manual process in the middle. I don't think it is at all fair to blame Joplin for not meeting the spec of SimpleNote when I suspect there are probably issues with the reverse. Not even sure you can import to Keep.