Always tells me last error

I use nextcloud to synchronize my notes. These days it always tells me that error! Synchronizing again is all ok!

Does it show this error every time for this note 0cf338…md? If so, it could mean that for strange reasons, this note has indeed a “last modification” date in the future. Could you check?

Not the same note. This time it tells me:

I find that this note may be the one I am editing? Now it is the same but different from the yestoday one.

I had a similar situation and I think it has to do with a note trying to synchronize while I was editing it. I changed the synchronization interval to 1 hour or and it seems to have gone away.

Yes, this is a really similar situation because synchronization interval actually matters (source 1,2,3). However, it hasn’t gone away in mine.