Allow notes to float?

REQUEST: Allow notes to "float", as well as be anchored.

The notes in my free CintaNotes are all floating. They are physically separate from the dashboard. That's the design.

  • I can open multiple notes. Such notes are usually haphazardly arranged. They re-open at the same position as when they were closed.

  • Or I can drag arrange similar notes side-by-side, and easily compare them.

  • A frequent trick is to un-maximize my browser, and drag the right edge slightly to the left. I can then drag a narrow note to the resulting space at the right. This allows me to easily write notes. And if I close that note, it reappears in the same position - in the space at the right of any browser (or on top of a maximized browser).



Work-around: You could open the note in an external editor, allowing you to refocus on other tasks while keeping your current note visible. I use NotePad++ because I can do a side-by-side.


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Nice tip. Thanks.

I'm a fan of NP++ :slight_smile:

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