Hey everyone, I'm excited to announce the release of Agenda 3.0. This version of Agenda brings two very powerful new features.

Firstly is the new profile system. All agenda settings including search criteria, formatting and so on can be saved to different profiles that can be created, edited and deleted on the fly. You can have different profiles with different search criteria to auto generate different todo lists.

Secondly, Agenda can now copy the panel view to a specific note. All you need to do is edit the profile that you want to be copied to a note, enter the note ID of the note you want to use under the (Overview Note ID) section and then Agenda will automatically copy the task list of that profile to that note. (Note that agenda will overwrite this note every time the panel updates so it is recommended you create and use a seperate note for this purpose) This means that you can access agenda's task lists even without agenda such as in the mobile app.

Each profile is saved to their own notes so you can have several different profiles generating different task lists. The only disadvantage is that the note based task list can only be updated when the panel is set to that specific profile and only when the panel triggers an update.

Try it out and let me know what you think!


I love it! Only issue I can see is that when I check off the todo item on the note I have created, it doesn't get checked off anywhere else. Then, if I have it syncing with the desktop application, the desktop app overwrites the checked items with unchecked boxes, so if I'm not going and actively checking off the original item, then I lose my place.

I check off an item in the Overview Note on my phone. The phone syncs to my server. I have the desktop app open on my computer and it syncs up with the new note. When the plugin runs it's update, it doesn't poll the state of the Overview Note, so the item doesn't get checked off in the plugin list, and in fact then becomes unchecked in the Overview Note as if I never checked it off.

This is a known limitation that will be rectified in future updates

Hi @BeatLink

Thank you for this plugin and the way you made it evolve because it opens new possibilities that I would like to take advantage of. Let's say I want to work with a "GTD" type approach. Today I can create "inbox" "next/doing" "waiting" profiles based on tags. This works very well. However, in this type of usage, not all tasks have a due date, or at least not right away, because I have to review them first. Therefore, the current version of the plugin is a bit confusing. You can decide to show all the tasks or only those with a due date. I would find it very useful to be able to show all the tasks without a due date but without the tasks with a due date.

I know you designed the plugin with a deadline workflow in mind but I think it's powerful enough to be used in a GTD spirit at low cost. What do you think about it?

I do like the concept of either improving Agenda or forking it for a more GTD oriented plugin for Joplin as I use GTD myself. The first step would be to build out the workflow to see what the plugin would look like and how it would work.

As for showing only tasks without due dates, that seems to be a simple fix. Make sure to check "Show Tasks without Due dates" and then for the search criteria set "-due:19700201". The search criteria and the checked setting will then combine to show only tasks without due dates.

Hi @BeatLink

How I didn't think of that !

Thank you for your interest. I have tried several things in this area:

  • either you use tags to qualify the status of a task... "TODO" "DOING" "DONE" "WAITING"
  • or you use notebooks and drag and drop.

I'm leaning towards the first solution but the plugin should be able to show the "tags" under the task (for example) for a better visual experience. And because we can assign other useful tags for areas and efforts for example (@home @work @10min @30min ...)

In a GTD approach, I think you have to start from the idea that the deadline is informative. It doesn't say when you start working on it. Eventually, I would find it interesting to have a "scheduled" option which had started to be discussed here.

How do you see things in terms of GTD?

Hi all,

first of all, thank you for this plugin. If it work the way I think it will be awesome!

I have just installed via Joplin plugin, but I am still struggling to understand how to use it.

shows all uncompleted to-dos with a due date

How can I set this "due date" ?

I have tried in different ways: creating an alarm or just writing the date inside the title of the note, but nothing... I can see all the tasks if I check the option: Show todos with no due date


When you create the alarm, that should be assigning it to the list with a reference to it's future due date.

Attaching an example of what I see when I apply an alarm:

awesome!!! thank you very much!!

hey @BeatLink ,
First of all thanks for the plugin! It is very helpful.
I wanted to ask that is it just on my PC or 'Setting section' for this plugin shows in App's Settings and not in 'Plugins' section for everyone.
Also unique ID is appearing as name of plugin.

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+1 ; I have this same error...

Hello :wave:
Awesome plugin!!!

I would like to report a bug, when you press the button to create a new profile and then press cancel in the dialogue, the profile is being created.

Joplin 2.7.13 (prod, darwin)
Agenda v3.0.1

Looks like a useful plugin. The problem is that I have no clue how to use it. There's no documentation. I looked at the readme file and it just has a few screenshots and a few lines that don't say anything useful.

Could you please add some information? And if it is not ready to be used by standard users, please give some sort of a warning that you need to be able to read the code to understand how the plugin works.

I just wasted half an hour getting nowhere with this. It'd be nice if you saved the effort for future users


You can install any plugin by going to
Settings ( Ctrl/Cmd + , ) > Plugins > Search for your plugin name (here Agenda) > Click on Install and restart the app

The README has been updated. Screenshots will follow soon.

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Hi @BeatLink

Would it be possible to consider an option to have todo with no due date at the end of the list and not at the beginning?

And other question. Is there is a way change the font size ?

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I will look into sorting the due date after the list.

There are also plans to implement the option for custom CSS

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Hi @BeatLink
(1) Would it be possible to have in the "interval" beside today, also tomorrow? This would make next day planning more visual.
(2) Would it be possible to make the position of profiles sortable or the order definable?
(3) Super cool would be if one could drag and drop a todo from one interval to another interval :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, I like the plugin already after some not too short testing

1 and 2 have been implemented. However 3 would be impossible as intervals can be a range of dates or not dates at all, depending on the format

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