Adding a client is slow when the database is large

OK, my home workstation has the evernote database in Joplin, and that seems to work fine.

So now it's time to add more clients.

Doing this today, install joplin on new client, point the sync directory to the sync database, and it's going kind of slowly - as in hours. (I am loading everything into the new client via sync, was this a mistake?)

I am syncing using the local file system, so there's no network overhead involved here.

The sync directory is about 2.4 gigabytes and contains 79817 .md files and the .resource directory 64718 files.

Is there a faster way to do this? (Say write out a .jex file, load that in, and THEN tell the new client to sync to the new sync directory?)

Syncing with the filesystem should be relatively fast, although 2.4 gigabyte is a lot to process. Perhaps you can try increasing or decreasing the number of simultaneous downloads in the Sync advanced settings, or use attachment manual download mode.

OK, in spite of changing various suggested settings, my #2 machine had not finished syncing up after running for 24 hours plus. So I changed over to what I did for my #3 machine - which appears to work and is described below.

If the development folks don't see any hazards with this, I'd add it to a "how to" list - if there is such a place.

Here is what I did that worked well:

  1. Back everything up.
  2. File>quit joplin.
  3. Robocopy the entire contents of ....config\joplin_desktop to a transfer media.
  4. Copy that into the new machine.
  5. Fire up joplin on that new machine, be sure to prevent it from syncing until after:
    a. You are sure it started up OK.
    b. You have all the settings the way you want.
    c. The sync directory is up to date.
  6. Sync.

And this seems to work just fine. And many many times faster than syncing into an "empty" install.

I am not sure what I will do for ipad or iphone yet, will have to think on that.