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Add or remove tags for multiple notes

I would like to be able to select multiple notes and add/remove tags for all of them. Tags that are common to all selected notes would be displayed, while tags that only belong to some of them would be not visible or grayed out. Deleting a tag from this view would remove it from all selected notes, and adding a tag would add it to all notes.

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@eskyra it looks like there is currently an open enhancement issue on GitHub for this but it doesn’t look like any progress has been made at the moment.


I too would love this. In case it’s helpful: I’m using Joplin GTD-style and want add contexts to multiple notes and todos.

Fun workaround on Mac Desktop: you can add tags to multiple notes by selecting the notes you want, then dragging them to the desired tag on the left-hand sidebar menu.

@benmca I can confirm that this works on Linux as well! This is a handy trick but I would still like to be able to select multiple notes and manage the tags along with the already listed options like: duplicate, switch to note type, switch to to-do type, etc.

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