Add description for Notebooks and Note page

I think we should add description as comment for each note and notebook when you created it. Why?
First of all, I can just adding some of comments or description to note for me, when I searching something.
Let's say, I created notebook by name Self Learning and I wan't to be more correct for each notebook by his description. I will know that Self Learning notebook is only for that notes.

Second, notes with description be more exact way to add some information that nobody can see, but be more specific way to tell about each note. Let's say I have a note projects, what kind of projects is that note include?

Some of notes I create is notes from books that I read, and I don't want people or me to add the author of book as text to note, because it will just not neccessary information in note itself.

What do you think about this? Can you make this kind for beta testing?

Something like metadata ? Like how notion has fields for url/number/text etc .

I think it's like more comments like in Notion.

And yes like metadata that nobody will see, but only can I see it