Access to profile from scretch ... worse case?

Let's discuss a simple scenario, ... not so far fetched by my guess.
Imagine you are traveling, without access to any of your devices where Joplin is installed and sync-ed. Then you realize you must get to some important information in your profile while away from home. Let's further assume your Joplin profile resides on a cloud drive (e.g. nextcloud) and is encrypted. So in order to solve this problem you buy or borrow a device (any kind), install a clean copy of Joplin, and start filling the Joplin config dialogs.
You do have / did bring :

  • url of your nextcloud server (or other cloud)
  • your user ID and password for the nextcloud server
  • your master key ID (optional if there is only one master key)
  • your master key password

With this information alone, could you gain access to your profile ?
Or could anything go wrong ?

Just a thought experiment, I don't have the time to test it for real.

I am having trouble distinguishing what about this scenario is different from how you set up an additional Joplin client for the first time. If you have the WebDav URL, along with the sync account username / password and the E2EE password then you are good to go...

The only thing to consider would be that if you borrowed a device you would have to ensure that you "wiped" (not just deleted) the joplin-desktop folder before giving it back (or alternatively use Joplin portable on a USB drive that you keep).

You are right it, isn't clear (enough). What I had in mind (but didn't say) is this:
At home, I just copy url, pw etc. from one device to the other, ideally looking at both screens.
In the travel scenario, I have lost access to all devices (presumably). If one wants to prepare for this (it doesn't have to be travel, could be after a home invasion and theft of phone and tablet) the question is

  • what do I need (my first post)
  • how and where to store it (still thinking about it).