3D model Viewer for Joplin Request?

I'd like to propose a request for the development of a plugin that enhances the capabilities of Joplin. The idea is to create a 3D model viewer plugin that offers the ability to import and interact with 3D characters, and potentially even 3D environments or backgrounds, all seamlessly integrated within the Joplin application. This plugin should also allow users to adjust the screen size as per their preference while working in Joplin, and provide the flexibility to create grid tables and rows containing various types of 3D models and characters.

Furthermore, it would be fantastic if the plugin could incorporate control functions for toggling the display of characters, both in regular view and full-screen mode. This full-screen support should come with visible or invisible control options, resembling the functionality of Adobe's Maximo 3D model viewer.

I'm reaching out to the skilled developers within the Joplin community and beyond, kindly requesting their expertise and creativity to bring this concept to life. A plugin of this nature would undoubtedly elevate the user experience within Joplin and offer a unique, dynamic way to engage with content. Your dedication and contribution to this endeavor would be immensely appreciated. Thank you for considering my request!